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Why Dicker Data as a Distributor for Digital Matter?

Dicker Data has partnered with Digital Matter to provide Australian IT resellers with access to industry leading GPS and IoT devices connected globally to LTE-M and NB-IoT Networks. With Digital Matter, users will be able to future-proof their connectivity and track any asset at any location, including tough environments.


Digital Matter joins our ecosystem of IoT vendors for solutions around long range (LoRaWAN), 4G, Sigfox, NB-IoT and Bluetooth devices. Resellers can leverage our portfolio of IoT vendors to build a truly end-to-end IoT solution. IT partners are able to leverage the technical expertise from our dedicated Dicker Data IoT team at any time to help solve their customers pain points and develop a tailored solution. Together with our vendors, we can enable your business to be successful in driving revenue and adding value to your customers leveraging IoT.

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Digital Matter GPS Tracker Distributor

Track and protect valuable assets on LoRaWAN® networks with location and movement history, smart periodic or movement-based tracking technology, geofencing, sensor monitoring, and more with Digital Matter’s range of LoRaWAN® GPS trackers. The highly sensitive radio receiver is available in 868MHz and 915MHz versions for global LoRAWAN® connectivity. Digital Matter’s 4G LTE-M / NB-IoT GPS Trackers allow users to deploy with confidence, connecting well beyond the lifespan of 4G.

Digital Matter Gateways and Tags Distributor

Locate and monitor your assets without complex infrastructure using Bluetooth® asset tracking devices with GPS/GLONASS and affordable Bluetooth® tags. Digital Matter Bluetooth Gateway devices feature concurrent GPS and Bluetooth® 5.0 to provide GPS location and detection of nearby Bluetooth® signals. The industrial Bluetooth® Tags, or third-party tags, are then placed on assets such as pallets, tools, and small equipment, providing approximate location and sensor monitoring data.

Digital Matter Sigfox GPS Tracker Distributor

Oyster Sigfox is Digital Matter’s ultra-rugged and long-life battery-powered Sigfox GPS tracking device for long-term asset tracking. Weatherproof in a IP67 Nylon Glass Housing, it features up to 7 years of battery life and is designed to track and monitor any non-powered asset it can be secured to. Sigfox Zones RCZ1, RCZ2, RCZ4 supported.

Digital Matter Telematics Distributor

Digital Matter devices work seamlessly with Telematics Guru, Digital Matter’s white label GPS tracking platform featuring Google Maps, powerful customisable reporting and alerts, remote device health monitoring, and more. The device management platform makes provisioning and monitoring Digital Matter devices simple and secure.


Frequently Asked Questions

All Dicker Data partners have access to buy and resell the full range of Digital Matter offerings that are listed on the Dicker Data portal. 


If you would likely to become a Dicker Data reseller, you can register here

For information regarding to getting started with Digital Matter and an introduction to documentation and guides for devices and platforms, refer here


For documentation on Cellular, Narrowband and Bluetooth Devices, refer here. 


Extra information can be found in the Digital Matter support hub. If you need any assistance please reach out to our 

At Dicker Data we have a dedicated IoT team that work directly with partners and our ecosystem of IoT vendors. If you require support please email our team

Digital Matter Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

Since 2001 Digital Matter has developed award-winning GPS and IoT devices for a wide range of applications. They are celebrated for their outstanding quality, industry-leading reliability, and turn-key solutions. Their versitle range of GPS tracking devices allows users to future-proof their connectivity and track any asset, at any location, at any time of day. 


With a rich heritage in device design in the telematics space, their experienced engineers have delivered world-class products to many GPS tracking companies around the globe.


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