Australian organisations need more comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

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Greg Edwards

Why you need comprehensive cybersecurity

Australia is an attractive target for serious cyber-crime threats due to our nation's relative wealth and high use of technology. A growth in targeted attacks, collaboration amongst global threat actors, new cyber-crime syndicates, compromised data sharing, attacks on infrastructure systems, and the vulnerability of the internet of things (IoT) are combining to regularly disrupt many local businesses.

Even the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has driven up threats with increased remote workers, many with poor security measures, creating new opportunities for exploitation.

Kaspersky - most tested - most awarded

In 2019, Kaspersky products participated in 86 independent industry tests - coming first in 64. Kaspersky outperformed all security vendors and achieved the best TOP3 score (70). For more than 20 years, Kaspersky has been recognised as an expert in the fight against viruses, malware and cybercrime. It is a leading provider of next generation cyber security solutions for small, medium and enterprise businesses - despite the common misconception it’s a consumer product.

While SMEs in Australia face the same threats as larger organisations, they often lack the IT resources to ensure comprehensive security. Every business regardless of its industry or size holds sensitive data that must be kept safe.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security is a cloud-based and on-premise security suite including protection and management applications to help businesses predict, prevent, detect and respond to cyberattacks and unauthorised data access. It also offers on-site and remote support services to help clients launch, configure and upgrade security solutions across the organisation.

Australian users of Kaspersky

In Australia and New Zealand, Kaspersky is used by leading organisations across various verticals. Chemist Warehouse is a Melbourne-based client that had acquired a wide range of legacy IT systems, software, suppliers and contracts through previous acquisitions. This environment consumed management’s time dealing with virus attacks and system downtime. As the business embarked on a growth strategy, it sought an IT security partner to ensure complete protection of large quantities of confidential customer medical records and data, while enabling compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements.

Chemist Warehouse selected Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced. The central management console provides the right level of information and oversight and it’s designed with end users in mind; intuitive, easy to use and with many automated features such as remote update distribution.

Deni Ilic, IT Operations Manager from Chemist Warehouse said, “Kaspersky is our first line of defence and is so simple to roll out each time we increase our footprint. It’s very lightweight in our server environment, easy to manage and control and provides a consistent, repeatable, benchmark level of protection for everything we do.

“It is stable and reliable, it performs extremely well, has met all of our expectations, and we haven’t had any significant downtime in the five years we have been using it. We are very happy with it, in particular because it has been such a solid foundation stone for us during a remarkable period of growth. Growing at the speed we have has risks attached, and the Kaspersky platform has helped us to manage some of those risks very effectively.”

Education key to true cybersecurity

It is well-known that a vast majority of cyber incidents are caused by human error. Kaspersky’s family of online training products utilises modern, interactive and gamified learning techniques to help alleviate this pressure. It covers broad security issues - from data leakage and ransomware to internet-based malware attacks, safe social networking and mobile security to help businesses change user behaviour and habits. This focuses on creating an environment where everyone sees it as their personal responsibility to be consistently cyber vigilant.

Yarra Valley Grammar School knew this when it selected Kaspersky. One of the school’s key priorities was to improve awareness of cyber security amongst teachers and administrative staff at a time when data breaches in Victorian schools were increasing, phishing emails and other external threats were growing in sophistication, and new national data protection laws were applied.

Philip Callil, Director of IT and Digital Learning at Yarra Valley said: “We actively investigated cybersecurity awareness modules that would allow our staff to understand the implications of an increased reliance on the internet, email and network use.

“After careful evaluation of a number of programs, we were unanimous in our choice of the Kaspersky Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform. It’s concise, informative, and attractively presented with high interactivity for all our staff with varying degrees of skill.

“We particularly liked the design of the modules and the fact that the element of gamification really encouraged engagement and involvement with the learning. Staff feedback has validated those conclusions with a high rate of completion and positive comments on the quality of the training.”

Why Dicker Data and Kaspersky

Dicker Data’s dedicated Kaspersky team can guide partners to help end customers understand why Kaspersky is the perfect cybersecurity choice compared to the competition.

Margrith Appleby, General Manager of Kaspersky ANZ said “Security products should make life easier for overworked IT departments. If a business is growing fast, or is in the throes of digital transformation, the chances are that resources are continuously overstretched. Kaspersky delivers instant protection for growing businesses and is ready to scale when needed. It offers an enterprise-strength solution without the associated complexity or price.”

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