Dahua Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solution helping control the spread of COVID-19

Luke Trinh Luke Trinh General Manager - Hardware at Dicker Data
Luke Trinh

Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solution

Dicker Data recently installed an innovative Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solution from Dahua Technology to perform preliminary body temperature screening for warehouse staff.

Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, has been at the forefront in helping control the COVID-19 pandemic. As an early participant in prevention and control activities across Asia, Dahua sent the first batch of Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solutions to the hardest-hit area in Wuhan, China on January 24th. Since then, Dahua has deployed the solution to thousands of sites globally, including transportation hubs, commercial complexes, banks, and other places.

Michael Demetre, Warehouse Manager for Dicker Data said, “The safety of our employees is of utmost importance to us. Installing this equipment helps us to ensure a prudent workplace where people feel comfortable that any employees recording a higher than usual body temperature will be quickly identified. We can improve the operation’s safety to help our partners/resellers continue to serve their customer base during this period. This solution will help us to control wider infection and protect our workers should anyone happen to contract the virus.”

The Dahua solution provides fast and accurate non-contact automatic body temperature monitoring. Since higher than normal body temperature is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19, it’s a good early indicator for someone to get checked out. Usual methods of temperature measurement require close contact which increases the chance of cross-infection.

This technology effectively limits close contact and contributes to combating the virus by lowering the risk of cross-infection caused by contact. It also saves manpower and material resources, while guaranteeing efficient and discreet screening of all staff and visitors. It is a suitable solution for preliminary screening of body temperature in public places during the pandemic prevention and control period. It can also handle/screen up to three people per second, so it’s suitable for areas with high traffic such as hospitals, airports, and large public buildings.

In addition to the Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solution, Dicker Data also initiated several other strategies in its warehouse, all designed to control the spread of germs.

Whenever someone enters Dicker Data’s warehouse, the new solution carries out preliminary and rapid screening, with an alarm triggered for any abnormal temperature. The person is then asked to pass through again with medical temperature measuring equipment utilised to recheck their temperature. 

Charlie Harb from Dahua Technology commented on the solution, “Prior to the virus, we had limited use cases in Australia, however since COVID-19, companies have fast tracked installations to protect their staff and visitors. The solution is now in high demand. While traditional users included typically high traffic areas like airports, hospitals, transportation hubs and large educational institutions, we are now seeing that expand to many other sectors. Featuring high accuracy, high efficiency, strong adaptability and easy deployment, the solution can be applied to entrances, exits, and workplaces to help facilitate a safe working environment during this current pandemic. Australian organisations are embracing the technology and we’ve recently installed it in hospitals, banks, warehouses, logistics companies, a variety of commercial complexes, and other places of work.”

He continued, “Organisations need to try to maintain business as usual operations as much as is practical throughout this crisis. There are many businesses that simply can’t operate from home. Essential services, medical facilities and hospitals, supermarkets, manufacturers and any businesses with large warehouses like Dicker Data, can all benefit greatly from this technology.”

This system can also be integrated with people counting which is essential for many organisations following further social distancing restrictions imposed by governments around the world. A solution can be established with the same NVR ( Network Video Recorder) used to screen fever and count the number of people entering and leaving a building/store. An alarm can then be triggered when certain pre-defined capacity limits are reached.

The team at Dicker Data can help any reseller in Australia or New Zealand to design specific solutions for their clients based on the Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution from Dahua. As indicated, the technology is viable across a broad range of industries and applies across the spectrum of organisation size from SMB to enterprise, also fast and simple to deploy.

Dicker Data is here to support you in helping your customers overcome their challenges right now. This includes providing any assistance needed to design a solution or support customer sales engagements to ensure deals close or drive longer-term retention.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about Dahua Technology’s innovative Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solution and how you might be able to apply it in a real end user situation.

Discover more today or email sales@dickerdata.com.au to talk to one of our representatives. 

DAH-002-warehouse imagesInstallation in an Australian Warehouse

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