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Sep 20, 2019

Partner Enablement: Ascend to the cloud with Microsoft & Dicker Data 

Our Microsoft Ascend program was born out of the recognition that partners needed more than just operational or technical excellence to thrive in the evolving cloud centric economy.

"These days partners have to develop new value propositions and go-to-market strategies to remain competitive or they will be left behind", Shirdeesh Apana, Microsoft Product Manager at Dicker Data. As a result our team focused on looking at the whole business picture, helping our partners to navigate their own unique path, with a framework that not only focuses on upskilling and certification support but also builds and brings together their sales and marketing capability. The ultimate aim of which is to help our partners achieve more by building sustainable and profitable cloud practices.

"Dicker Data has transformed our business. Onshoring's pipeline has swelled by 400% as a result of the Ascend program. At the beginning of this year we were a 50% Microsoft company - now Microsoft contributes to 90% of our business," Dion Huntley, Director, Onshoring.


"After achieving incredible results we are constantly evolving the program to align with our partners capabilities. We are looking to launch Ascend Accelerate programs to help drive growth in our go-to-market ready partners next quarter," Sarah Loiterton, Senior Business Manager - Microsoft at Dicker Data.

Dicker Data acknowledged for excellence in Cloud Solutions

Article by Brad Clark, Senior Partner Development Manager, Microsoft

Regardless of industry, market or region, more and more companies find themselves frantically racing to upgrade their cloud capabilities.

But the rush to innovate without the right vision can result in chaotic and siloed cloud environments. This can lead to spiralling costs and leaves IT departments exposed to cyberattack.

It’s a confusing world to navigate but one that promises great reward when done properly. And this is where Dicker Data comes in.

Dicker Data is a locally owned and headquartered Microsoft Indirect cloud solution provider, specialising in enabling Australian resellers to build practices and solutions on Microsoft’s three cloud platforms – Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365, underpinned by Dicker Data’s leading Cloud Portal.

Dicker appreciates the complexity involved with migrating to the cloud and managing multi-cloud environments. It offers an understanding from both business and IT stakeholder perspective that extends far beyond technology.

This is because a successful cloud transformation journey happens across an entire organisation, and brings in different teams along the way, ensuring every individual’s agenda is met while working together towards the same goal.

To strengthen its offering, Dicker Data launched Ascend this year in close partnership with Microsoft. Ascend is an innovative and immersive Partner Enablement Program that spans across three cloud platforms, focusing on technical, sales and marketing enablement. The platform accelerates the reseller cloud journey through programmatic and predictable enablement.

Each participant completes activities including pre-determined Microsoft Learn courses, hands-on workshops, webinars and cloud roadmap sessions to realise the opportunities between Azure and 365 to ensure the business can see the whole picture of its cloud journey.  

Additionally, the program commits to helping resellers bring three prospective customers into the program to help them close their first three cloud deals.

The Ascend program is a shining example of the tireless work of a business deserving of the ARN Distributor Award. The Distributor Award recognises excellence specifically in the supply chain, awarding businesses that demonstrate best practice in supply chain innovation and focus on providing value across the channel ecosystem.

Through its longstanding knowledge of cloud, Dicker has been able to deliver this innovation. Driven to help customers define what they’re trying to achieve with cloud transformation projects and how to roll them out across an organisation.

A ‘flight crew’ of 12 experts support the Ascend program including Azure technical sales specialists, business development managers, licensing specialists and sales operations managers as well as marketing and product experts. These specialists travel with program participants, developing propositions and driving cross-sell opportunities while supporting sales enablement and go-to-market strategies.

The Dicker Data Ascend Program has fundamentally strengthened the way Dicker Data and Microsoft engage the reseller community. Through dedicated partner enablement specialists across the three clouds, Dicker Data has helped more than 60 partners effectively migrate to the Microsoft Cloud with renewed technical, sales and marketing enablement.

Dicker has been instrumental in seeing countless organisations through significant cloud transformations and is more than worthy of an ARN Distributor Award. Through the Ascend program businesses can operate with the peace of mind that an experienced partner is by their side, offering the best chance of success with immediate benefits.

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To discover how you can get involved reach out to your local Dicker Data Microsoft representative or email

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