Access complementary solutions to Assess, Migrate and Modernise your Azure deployments by Microsoft-certified Azure experts, through Dicker Data.



Microsoft's AMM program was designed to provide your customers with the expert help they need to set up their cloud environment and move forward with confidence. Initially, a direct corporate program, AMM Partner Led is now available to you, our partners via Dicker Data.

Dicker Data's role is to not just provide access to AMM services, but help your customers utilise this toolset in the most effective way, reducing complexity and optimising costs. 

Dicker Data's AMM Services:



Access a comprehensive and fully funded IaaS Cloud Assessment to understand costs and benefits of moving to the cloud. Including a definition of a business case, and design of a migration strategy, culminating in a detailed report within 72 hours of the assessment.


Dicker Data Microsoft specialists can then walk you through this assessment both with or/without the customer and make recommendations on next steps.


Perfect for customers or prospects who are evaluating the advantages and costs of cloud.



Partner with a Microsoft AMM certified provider for a seamless, white labelled and funded migration. You’ll receive a newly established deployment from the AMM provider. To ensure you are comfortable with ongoing management, the Dicker Data Azure team are also on hand with enablement, support, and optimisation advice.


Ideal for partners under resource strain with prospects and existing on-prem customers who are ready for the cloud but hesitant due to perceived complexity or slow time to market.



Lean on Microsoft AMM-certified providers to modernise and optimise existing cloud deployments, leveraging funds on offer from Microsoft.


Dicker Data partners have used this opportunity to review their customers’ cloud strategy and ensure their investments are aligned with their outcomes. Furthermore, by optimising costs you then have a great opportunity to recommend exploring & reinvesting in more advanced services.


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